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      marketing network

      Compatible world, sharing creation

      ●  In the country, after years of development, Jirong Elevator has gradually established and perfected its own marketing service network. With its strict and pragmatic production spirit and serious and responsible service attitude, Jirong Elevator has been well received by domestic consumers. At present, the products are exported to many provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and an all-weather marketing center has been established. The service capability is second to none.


      In foreign countries, Jirong Elevator is active in all major elevator exhibitions, and constantly pushes the product research and development results to the market and presents it to customers, which has won the appreciation and favor of overseas customers. At present, Jirong elevator products have been sold to East Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions, relying on their own production capacity and service attitude, gradually show advantages in the international elevator market.


      Industry chain service

      One service, showing value

       With the development of the city, the elevator industry has turned from relying on scale competition to relying on product and service competition in the past, which is essentially a contest of enterprise strength. Jirong Elevator relies on 34 years of experience in the design and production of electromechanical products, and has accumulated a strong technical force, research and development team and advanced equipment. With the development of the market and the continuous maturity of technology, the establishment of a good industrial service integration is the core value of Jirong Elevator development, and it is also the inevitable way out in the industry competition.



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