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      Villa elevator

      Extravagant · Extreme experience
      Jirong series villa elevator,
      Create comfortable and safe elevator products with industry-leading technology and configuration.
      Bringing customers a luxurious visual experience and the ultimate ride experience.

      Passenger elevator

      Smooth and comfortable · Green safe
      Smooth and comfortable: Modular computer control and variable frequency speed control technology to improve ride comfort.
      Safety protection: multi-beam light curtain protection system, anti-car accidental mobile device, escort for travel.
      Energy saving and environmental protection: It is equipped with a series of elevator energy-saving technologies to reduce the energy consumption of elevators during the elevator transportation process and achieve green environmental protection.



      Sightseeing elevator

      Quality equipment · Perfect experience
      Traction host: high-precision vector control, non-inductive start, precise leveling; synchronous drive, safe and reliable.
      Advanced door machine: tooth belt drive, compact structure, stable and comfortable; variable frequency variable pressure control technology, quiet and efficient.
      High quality car wall: high security laminated glass, good permeability. Smooth line design to enhance the appearance of the car.
      Glass cover: not only a part of the building, but also a flowing landscape in the city.


      Cargo elevator

      Superior performance · Load bearing
      Safe and reliable Flat layer precision: variable frequency variable voltage speed regulation, which can effectively improve the accuracy of elevator leveling. The maximum door opening design ensures smooth and flexible cargo access to and from the car.
      Reliable bearing capacity: The car frame and the car bottom of the freight elevator are fully considered for various cargo characteristics and are suitable for various large tonnage cargo transportation. Make the elevator work more efficient.


      Car elevator

      Energy efficient · Safe and reliable
      Efficient and stable: The elevator car is designed according to the characteristics of the car, which makes the car elevator more flexible and stable. While improving the transportation efficiency, the service life is increased, and the same space is shared in turn.
      Space expansion: The car space is expanded and upgraded to accommodate all types of family cars.
      Precise control: Advanced data network system further improves work efficiency.

      Medical elevator

      In every possible way · Human care
      Advanced host reliable: permanent magnet technology constant torque, stable operation; high-precision vector frequency conversion control, precise leveling. Gearless transmission technology, achieving comprehensive energy saving of 35%.
      Large space car design: The spacious car space design provides effective space for the transfer of the stretcher car. At the same time, it can accommodate many people for transfer, with strong carrying capacity and safe and reliable operation.


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