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      Talent Concept

      Recruiting talents, gathering talents

      The key to the development of enterprises depends on talents. At present, Jirong Elevator has more than 30% of all engineering and technical personnel, including senior professors, senior engineers, graduate students, undergraduates and other professional and technical personnel. The talented team of talented people, efficient and pragmatic work style, provide inexhaustible driving force for the innovation and development of Jirong Elevator.


       At the same time, Jirong Elevator has established a scientific and efficient training and evaluation mechanism. While gradually enhancing the professional and technical capabilities of its employees, it has effectively enhanced the collective sense of honor, identity and belonging of the company's employees, and continuously enhanced the team's technical research and development strength.

      Jirong Elevator is also committed to establishing a harmonious development concept within the enterprise, striving to cultivate a fair, democratic and trustworthy working atmosphere within the enterprise, and building a corporate culture with innovation and pragmatism as the core values, thus effectively promoting the rapid and stable development of the enterprise.


      HR Process


      First test




      You can apply for any published vacancies directly on our job search page.

      Applications for Membership

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