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      Jirong Elevator establishes a maintenance and dispatching platform, establishes an electronic file for each elevator, receives and responds to customer needs around the clock, and deploys service personnel to arrive at the scene to solve problems.

      Transformation 6 Features

      Whole ladder replacement

      When the elevator ages or the service life reaches the deadline and it is no longer able to meet the normal passenger flow demand, we recommend that you replace the equipment as a whole to enhance the building value of your building. Whether it's residential homes, business buildings to factory goods, public transportation, we can tailor solutions for you.


      Jirong Elevator adopts intelligent control system to closely monitor the operation of all components during elevator operation and to ensure the safety of your boarding process.

      save space

      Jirong Elevator provides machine room-less elevators and small machine room elevators according to the actual needs of customers, which greatly saves construction space, effectively improves building utilization and reduces construction costs.

      green technology

      Jirong Elevator is equipped with an energy feedback device that effectively reduces the energy consumption of the elevator. It converts the kinetic energy in operation into electrical energy for use in buildings, effectively saving up to 35%.

      Personal decoration

       Jirong Elevator offers a variety of different styles of interior design, which can be customized according to different needs and preferences of customers, to enhance visual beauty and enhance building value.

      Configuration update

      After the survey and evaluation of the technicians, the elevators are considered to be in good overall condition. When only some subsystems are replaced to improve the elevator performance and ride experience, we recommend that customers adopt a configuration update plan.

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