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      Jirong Elevator establishes a maintenance and dispatching platform, establishes an electronic file for each elevator, receives and responds to customer needs around the clock, and deploys service personnel to arrive at the scene to solve problems.

      Maintenance 5 services

      The user is satisfied in the heart of Jirong

      In modern society, elevators and our lives are increasingly close. In order to ensure the safe operation of elevators, Jirong Elevator is committed to providing all-round, multi-level and three-dimensional maintenance services for every customer from design and manufacture to maintenance. Let the customer feel the sincerity of the people from Jirong Elevator in the elevator that travels up and down.

      Higher standard service guidelines

      Jirong Elevator strictly implements national maintenance standards, and on this basis, it has established more stringent internal control standards than national standards, providing customers with more comprehensive enterprise maintenance services and improving the quality of maintenance services.

      24-hour online phone service

      The well-trained customer service staff is available 24 hours a day, can receive and respond to customer needs at any time, locate the maintenance site nearby, and dispatch the maintenance personnel to the scene to solve the problem and ensure the safe operation of the elevator. Hotline: 400-160-1136.

      Professional remote monitoring service system

      Jirong Elevator remote monitoring system realizes the transmission of information data of elevator equipment, monitoring service center, property and even customers through remote wireless technology, realizing the real-time running status of all-weather monitoring equipment, and can find and feedback equipment fault conditions at the first time. And mobilize relevant personnel to arrive at the scene to troubleshoot.

      Refined elevator maintenance

      Jirong Elevator has a maintenance center to establish an electronic file for each elevator, detailing the maintenance status of each elevator, ensuring that each elevator is in good operating condition, greatly improving the operating life of the elevator and providing more value-added Service to escort your elevator.

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