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      Jirong Elevator establishes a maintenance and dispatching platform, establishes an electronic file for each elevator, receives and responds to customer needs around the clock, and deploys service personnel to arrive at the scene to solve problems.

      Installation 3 principles

      Safety is the first principle of Jirong Elevator

      Each Jirong installation engineer has undergone rigorous project management assessment and quality control professional skills learning, and is committed to providing each customer with continuous technical services to ensure the professionalism of the installation process and product safety.

      Elevator installation process is strictly controlled

      Customer satisfaction is the service concept of Jirong Elevator. Jirong Elevator strictly controls the installation process of the products, and strives to ensure that all customers are riding reliable, comfortable and efficient elevator products.

      Professional installation management process

      Jirong Elevator implements a unified installation management operation process. Jirong Elevator engineers have many years of professional experience. The installation cycle is in line with the customer's building construction plan to ensure that the products are delivered in accordance with the scheduled time.

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