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      company culture

      Achieve win-win, shared development

      Inheriting the quality of Jirong, making a good elevator in China

      Guangdong Jirong Elevator Co., Ltd. inherits the experience of design and manufacture of electromechanical products accumulated by Jirong Group for 34 years. With the development goal of “China Good Elevator”, we are constantly striving for progress, innovation and dedication to provide perfect and perfect for every customer. Carrying services.

      Advanced corporate culture is an important guarantee for cohesive corporate people and building a strong core competitiveness.
      Through participation and various forms of cultural and sports activities, the company's employees are organized to conduct regular expansion training. In addition to work, relax the body and mind, cultivate the friendship between employees, and gradually gather the collective cohesion of the company to improve the company's administrative production efficiency and core competitiveness.
       At the same time, actively participate in social public welfare culture, through the long-term, stable public welfare sponsorship, the company's culture is fully infiltrated, and constantly enhance and expand the company's brand influence.

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